Ep 13: Lowering Cholesterol and The Role of Carbs in Ancestral Diets (Q & A)

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In this episode we discuss:

  • ​How you can lower blood cholesterol levels without medication (and why you may not want to)
  • ​Whether high cholesterol contributes to heart disease
  • ​Why the idea that carbohydrates weren’t available in ancestral diets is a fallacy
  • ​Whether we should shape our diets around ancestral or tribal diets
  • ​The importance of carbohydrates for brain function and intelligence

2:22 – how to lower cholesterol levels

10:52 – is the cholesterol the problem?

25:10 – ​ancestral diets included carbohydrates​

39:25 - why an ancestral diet isn't necessarily ideal

Links from this episode

  • The Cholesterol Nonsense Continues​ (article)
  • Dietary cholesterol has little effect on serum cholesterol (1, 2)
  • ​​​PUFA in LDL cause vascular damage (1​)
  • ​​Endotoxin (LPS) contributes to atherosclerosis and is found in arterial plaque (1, 2, 3​)
  • ​The ​detoxifying and immune functions of cholesterol and LDL (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6​, 7)
  • ​PUFA and their metabolites and peroxidation products ​contribute to arterial plaque and lesions (1, 2, 3, 4​)
  • Most heart attacks occur in patients with normal cholesterol levels ​(​1)
  • ​High LDL in familial hypercholesterolemia doesn't cause premature death or increase the risk ​of cardiovascular disease ​​(​1)
  • ​Total cholesterol levels of 200-240 associated with lowest mortality from all causes ​(​1)
  • ​Importance of honey and other carbohydrates in human evolution and ​in the Hadza's diet ​(​1, 2)
  • ​Wild and ancient fruit is not small, bitter, and low in sugar ​(​1)
  • Associated between ape brain size and fruit consumption ​​(​1, 2)
  • Inuits and eskimos do not have lower prevalence of cardiovascular disease (1)​
  • Ep. 7: Carbs vs. Fats and General Macronutrient Guidelines (​podcast episode)
  • Carbs vs. Fats: Which is the Better Fuel? (article)​
  • Carbs vs. Fats: Hormonal Effects​ ​(article)
  • Different protein sources ​cause differences in fat and muscle mass despite isocaloric and isonitrogenous diets (1)
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