Ep. 75: Hormesis As An Anti-Scientific Defense For Industrial Pollution And Chemical Exposure (Hormesis Part 1)

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In this episode we discuss:

  • How the concept of hormesis defends our exposure to toxic chemicals, industrial contaminants and pollutants, and ionizing radiation
  • Why hormesis is a dangerous, anti-scientific idea masquerading as science
  • The suspicious history of hormesis and its current definitional problems
  • The important distinction between stress and adaption
  • The problems with the terms “eustress” and “distress”

3:36 – an introduction to hormesis as a means to reverse aging and reverse chronic health conditions 

6:45 – what is hormesis 

12:34 – the suspicious history of hormesis  

16:20 – the definitional problems with hormesis 

34:51 – how hormesis is influencing dangerous public health policies 

47:35 – the difference between stressor effects and specific effects, creating a distinction between stress and adaptation, and the problems with the terms “eustress” and “distress” 

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