Ep. 61: Undereating, Fad Diets, and Discovering the Bioenergetic View (Our Health Journeys Part 1)

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In this episode we discuss:

  • Mike’s severe gut issues that led to dangerous weight loss and eventually surgery 
  • Jay’s experience with undereating/anorexia and how this shaped his health journey 
  • How doing everything we were “supposed to do” led to us feeling our worst 
  • Our experiences following various diets (vegetarian, paleo, keto, intermittent fasting, low-fat, bodybuilding) and how we navigated through them 
  • Our experiences with symptoms like cold hands and feet, insomnia, low energy, low libido, anxiety, depression, hair loss, joint pain, bloating, weight gain, allergies, histamine intolerance, psoriasis, and viral and fungal issues 
  • What led us to Ray Peat and the bioenergetic view 

3:40 – why we decided to share our stories 

6:54 – the beginning of Mike’s health journey and his experience with severe gut issues, the conventional medical system, and surgery 

41:24 – the earlier parts of Jay’s health journey and his experience with severe undereating, binging, and conventional nutrition information 

1:06:23 – when we began to question mainstream ideas and low-carb 

1:22:05 – our introduction to Ray Peat and the bioenergetic view through Danny Roddy 

1:25:26 – our initial pro-metabolic/paleo combo diet 

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