Ep. 33: Diet, Supplements, and Thyroid Health for Hypertension (Blood Pressure Part 3)

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In this episode we discuss:

  • How improving thyroid health will improve blood pressure regulation
  • The best supplements for managing blood pressure and vascular health
  • The role of vitamins A, D, E, and K in heart health and blood pressure regulation
  • How stress can cause elevated blood pressure
  • How to ensure that you have enough cellular energy to optimize vascular health and blood pressure

2:58 – fat-soluble vitamins and heart-health

13:10 – calcium intake and vascular health

17:01 – taste and hunger as helpful guiding signals for nutrition

22:42 – bioenergetic nutrition and managing stress for blood pressure

29:18 – hypothyroidism as a cause of hypertension and when to use prometabolic hormones

34:16 – how to raise carbon dioxide (CO2) to regulate blood pressure

38:03 – supplements to help regulate blood pressure and improve vascular health

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