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My name is Jay. I'm a health coach and independent health researcher with the goal of providing you with the tools you need to take control of your health. Whether you're struggling with a chronic condition or want to lose weight, I'm here to clarify what's really going on and guide you on your path to accomplishing your health goals.


I've had a passion for health since I was 13 years old. My interests began in fitness but quickly grew to include everything health-related. Exercise, nutrition, sleep, meditation and mindfulness, you name it. With the intention of becoming a medical doctor, I attended the University of Miami where I graduated with honors in neuroscience and exercise physiology. But after reading countless articles, books, and research papers throughout my undergraduate studies, I discovered that so much of what is practiced in the medical field, what I was being taught in lectures, and even the “alternative” information online, was based on a reductionist view of the human body.


This inaccurate view of the human body has led to misinformation, misdiagnosis, and mistreatment throughout the medical system. So many of my family and friends were stuck in this system – they were on medications (most of which were causing more harm than good), their conditions were not improving, and they had no control over their health. I decided that pursuing a medical degree would not be the best way to help those that were stuck in the medical system, and that's when Jay Feldman Wellness was born.


Our goal at Jay Feldman Wellness is to give you the tools to overcome your health conditions, feel better, and most importantly, take your health back into your own hands. This means clarifying what's really going on in your body and guiding you down a path to better health. It means ending the search for the right diet, magic pill, or health professional. It also means completely changing the way we think about our health. If you're ready to get started, check out our Health Topics page. And, if you think you'd benefit from some extra guidance, check out our Services.